Ode to a Fallen Legend

Atop a wretched canopy of mesh and vines
The hands of fate found you
And thrust your body unyielding
To the heartless embrace of broken earth
This day you shall depart
The frosted peaks and wandering hills
Into the darkest blues of the icy sea
Where the clawing grasp of the timeless
Rests a final crown of comfort
Upon a head unmoved in silent slumber
That waves of life crashed upon the shores
Of lands kept by those who now lie
In eternal repose, ancestral vessels
Warded by hands of stone whose
Harbingers unheeded wrested strength
From the seat of ancient valor
Receive now your storied daughter
For none shall be remembered more than those
Who lived their lives without regard
For time and her countless visages
Set upon the faces of men whose miens
Betray despair in light of death
Seek the sun no more, crimson wolf
As you join your brothers and sisters
In the great hunt beyond the veil
Your voice calls from a distant ridge
In the mists of a place beyond time
Frosty wisps of breath tell the tale
Of a life lived boldly and without regret
May your legend live forever