About Me


I’m non-binary, a parent of three children, someone who enjoys playing games and writing about it. Non-binary? It means I don’t identify as a boy or a girl. 35% girl, 5% boy is about precise as I can nail it down. Eddie Izzard described himself as 100% boy and 50% girl. I figure if percentages are good enough for him, they’re good enough for me.

Use whatever pronouns you like. For me, it’s “he” in meatspace and “she” or “they” online. It’s a position of privilege, I understand, so I don’t preach about it. If you’re a friend, just acknowledge and accept this gender identification (or lack thereof) and join me in supporting people who do not have the option of appearing in public without having their existence called into question.

I use this place as a safe space to basically hide from the world. Most people throw their real name and picture out there – nope, sorry. I’m a beam of light streaming in through a rose-wrapped tripartite opening in a brick wall. I write from behind this protective shield with love in my heart, which in my case generally means that I write about the games I play when I’m in the mood. Used to be a lot more frequently – not so much, these days.

I enjoy writing, more so than reading. Language is the background music of my life. I write to escape the real world and my own personality. Building worlds with words is a form of creative, therapeutic exercise that keeps my mind anchored and helps me combat the bouts of dark depression that come and go.

I prefer to use words as building blocks on a linguistic playground: I see them as infinitely malleable. The things that I express in my writing offer a window into the wintry night of my soul. Without this outlet I have no reason to exist.

“Don’t part with your illusions. When they are gone, you may still exist, but you have ceased to live.” — Mark Twain