Gone Home

I’ve gone home. Home is a place where I enjoy my free time without attaching elaborate artificial constructs to the things I do for fun. Composing articles with titles such as “Is Falling Damage a Bad Thing?” or “Are Gender-Locked Classes a Kick in the Pants?” has ceased to interest me. The Secret World’s end game kept me around for quite a while until I got to the point where I decided that I’d just take a vacation until the main story comes back from its extended vacation. I’m ambling through Season 3 of Guild Wars 2’s storyline at my leisure with little regard for anything that isn’t attached to it. The other games I’ve enjoyed in recent memory, Life Is Strange and Gone Home, are both very much story-driven and represent the sorts of things I’ve become much more interested in spending my free time with.

It’s just a product of age. I enjoy telling, experiencing, and reading stories, in that order. If those stories are found in an MMO, fantastic. Lately, they haven’t been. My personal publications are better served by other sites; it may be quite some time before I play a game with a story worth talking about here. In the meantime, I think I’ll have some coffee.


2 thoughts on “Gone Home

    1. Yes, it is absolutely beautiful. I even played through it twice and occasionally go back just to wander through the mansion or listen to the ending music.

      It reminds me of a song.

      “How I’m moved.
      How you move me
      With your beauty’s potency.
      You give me life.
      Please don’t let me go.
      You crush the lily in my soul.”

      “Moving” by Kate Bush

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