Newbie Blogger Initiative 2016

The Newbie Blogger Initiative starts tomorrow. If you’re interested in starting a blog and would like the support of a group of individuals who have been blogging for many combined years, you’re invited join them on Discord, a platform that allows for conversations via both text and voice as well as the ability to share various types of media. This year’s event is being led by Doone of XP Chronicles.

What’s the NBI?

The NBI is an annual event that offers new bloggers a starting point for their endeavors. It’s supported by a community of individuals of varying levels of experience, engagement, and perspectives who have been writing about topics that interest them for several years. While many of them write about games, they have made themselves available to offer advice, writing prompts, and signal boost to those who are interested in writing about any topic. Whether you’re completely new to writing or are already a published author, you’re welcome to join in the fun during the month of June. There’s also a Twitter account that you can follow and forums that you can peruse at your leisure.

Why start a blog?

It allows for the expression of lengthier trains of thought and the production of discourse that goes beyond the constraints of Twitter or the audience exposure of Twitlonger.

The easiest way to jump in is to sign up for an account with either Blogger or WordPress. I’ve used both; I prefer WordPress’s style. Blogger makes it much easier to create an automated blogroll sorted by posting recency complete with feed excerpts of the most recent articles. I’d advise you to play around with both of them and see what tickles your fancy.

What should I write about?

Whatever you want, whenever you want. You are beholden to nobody. It’s perfectly fine to post once a day for a month and then nothing for two months. You don’t have to write about games, either – previous participants have successfully written about everything under the sun.

I’m not good at writing!

Practice! This is why the NBI exists: to get you writing on a regular basis, if that’s your thing. You might write like crap; I’ve done it plenty of times. Give yourself permission to suck and stop caring – your writing will evolve and so will you.


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