Go Home Friday, You’re Drunk

EverQuest Next has been cancelled, Carbine just laid off a bunch of people (70 if Polygon’s anonymous sources are accurate – which would make it 40% of their staff), and one of those ex-employees just discovered they have cancer. The only way to make Friday worse would be to send it to George R. R. Martin for novelization.

I’m afraid I only knew of EverQuest Next second-hand through watching videos of a character in armor from a Blizzard rummage sale jump-sliding around interesting terrain. It offered a selection of founder’s packs that ranged from frugal to pricey; Keen’s post on the matter managed to get the phrase “DID YOU GO TRAILBLAZER?!” stuck in my head. It leaves me to wonder whether the trail that’s been blazed into the sunset was worth it for those who invested their time and money.

WildStar, on the other hand, was a game I embraced with an incandescent love. Just as my obsessive tendencies chewed me up and spit out the remnants of my attraction to long-term character empire building, so too did the Carbine studio manage to wring the desire to work in the game industry from some of those who are now jobless. I hope these talented and creative people find good jobs in an industry that does not love them like they love the games they make.



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