David Bowie is a man whom I respect, as is Alan Rickman. I am not acquainted with the particulars of their lives and deeds beyond a general understanding of what it is they did. Severus Snape’s existence was entirely delicious, as was Mr. Bowie’s in whatever persona he chose to don. Fucking fabulous is what that’s called if you’re curious about the technical term for such things.

Such performers and creative geniuses are muses to the rest of us. There are no muses that abide lastingly in this house, however. Somewhere the magic has died. When our favorites return to the Realm of Dreams and we are left here in the humdrum of the real world it’s rather upsetting. The escapes that I’ve talked about here – MMOs, by and large – are, one by one, losing their appeal.

This isn’t an “I’m quitting MMOs” post. It’s more like an “I’m moving on, mostly” post. The Secret World is just dark enough to stir my heart. Guild Wars 2’s charm has faded. My interest in WildStar has evaporated entirely. There was a time when I’d just let it sit on my hard drive through the seasons of life, but meh. There is nothing else in the MMO arena that looks appealing to me, at the moment.

I’ve joined the masses in the world of MOBAs in search of a satisfying player combat experience. My first candidate is Smite, which is played in third-person and uses WASD movement, so it’s perfect for an MMO-head like me. There are currently 72 gods and I own them all having purchased the Ultimate God Pack only two days after installing the game. I also own all future gods. I’m currently watching select videos from Drybear’s Smite playlist in YouTube to familiarize myself with them in competitive play. I don’t need to strive toward ranked play – I played Quake 2 against bots 95% of the time – but it’s what I’m looking for: account-level cosmetic progression, a level playing field which is shaped by one’s personal skill progression, and a per-game leveling and item/skill acquisition system which yields a high-speed power progression experience in a microcosm.

I’m smitten, just as any of us have been by people and things that entertain us and speak to our hearts, our minds, our souls. Without pretense, without reservation.


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