Games I’m Looking Forward to in 2016

For the first time since I’ve started working my new job I actually called in sick. As a counter to yesterday’s downer of a post and as a means of constructively dealing with this temporary fever, I’d like to talk briefly about some of the games that I’m looking forward to learning more about and playing in 2016.



Player combat in group content is the driving force behind my desire to play MMOs. EVE Online has long thrived on spaceship explosions as a driver of player-created engagement, politics, drama, intrigue, diplomacy, and the economy. I’m not terribly fond of the vast darkness of space as a game setting; I’m looking forward to a fantasy-themed, earthbound game which offers multiple rulesets that revolve around player fights from the gladiator deathmatch level to the kingdom-building level. Their implementation of crows and vessels sounds like a very interesting mechanic which will allow players to progress more in terms of available options rather than emphasizing vertical power. I don’t foresee myself playing in the Dregs, where looting someone’s physical corpse may be possible – i.e., you take their actual body and then your immortal spirit inhabits it on the battlefield – but I’d need to play the actual game to find out whether that’s true. I initially mocked the name of the game, just as I referred to Project Gorgon as Project Gorgonzola in reference to the game’s well-developed cheesemaking options, but now that Crowfall is beginning to take concrete shape, I’m beginning to respect it. I’m hoping that it will be a playground for experimentation and good fights. The fact that they use a red-haired human female Templar archetype as one of their icons scores them bonus points with this player.

gw953 (2).jpg

Guild Wars 2

Speaking of cheese…no, but really. My biggest purchase this holiday season was actually $35 in gems for two crafting licenses, a bank tab, and two hairdos. Completely serious. It’s still my “whenevergreen game” which means that I’ll be playing it forever, whenever. It’s not in the best of spots at the moment, but I figure that since it’ll be around for another three years and counting, I’ll have plenty of time to make the $50 investment in Heart of Thorns pay off. “Whose Game Is It Anyway? The game where the rewards are made up and the levels don’t matter.”


Life is Strange

I picked this one up for USD$1.00 as part of a Humble Bundle that also included The Last Remnant, Murdered: Soul Suspect, and Tomb Raider 1 through 3. I’m a total cheapskate. One of my ongoing resolutions is to buy games that aren’t MMOs and play them. This was an easy way of facilitating that. Having been accustomed to living rather frugally in terms of my gaming budget, however, I didn’t really see anything on Steam that I would have been willing to pay for without feeling guilty. Witcher 3 and The Secret World: Ultimate Edition were tempting, but I passed. I even declined Shower with Your Dad Simulator 2015 for the bargain basement price of USD$0.64. There’s clearly something wrong with me.


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