Oops, I Tripped and Made a Sylvari Revenant

The soundtrack to Heart of Thorns is fantastic. I’ve enjoyed many of Lena Chappelle’s musical themes for quite some time. She also has this rather innocuous habit of “tripping” on Twitter and accidentally shopping or buying delicious coffee. I seem to have inherited this clumsiness as I recently stumbled over a Sylvari motif that I liked well enough to permanently assign it to my Revenant.

This comes as a bit of a surprise due to the fact that my typical aesthetic sensibilities preclude creating anything other than small-framed humans. I’ve tried to remain attached to a couple of Daikini-sized Norn (of the Warrior and Elementalist variety) who ultimately ended up being reborn as their scrawnier counterparts. Quite boring, you might say.

gw538 (4).jpg

The problem is that I’ve exhausted all of the remotely sensible unique Human looks on my eight characters. There were none left for my Revenant. I blew an Experience Scroll on a short-haired Mordremoth-slayer who was heavy on the eye-liner and light on the appeal. I ended up deleting her shortly after creation.

Well, I’ve rectified things. I happened to find a leafy Sylvari figure that I have fallen in love with and will be playing for the forseeable future. She’s got a white theme, like my Human Guardian, with chameleon tendencies: the color of her hair, some variant with “ice” or “snow” in its name, seems to change based on where in the world she finds herself. Her native Caledon Forest brings out a vibrant pink, the snowy climes of Frostreach in Edge of the Mists inspire an equally frosty hue, and the inorganic smoke-boxes of Divinty’s Reach (Humans call them houses) turn her hair a dispirited shade of dull blue.

gw556 (2).jpg
Mother and I bear a striking resemblance.

Positively charming. It helps that her running and jumping animations are respectable. She’s able to heft a two-handed hammer with ease. Naturally, she’s wearing a snow-cloaked Ancestral Outfit (rare White dye) that seems to match the shade of her skin – if that’s what you call it – which I’ve left at the default. I could be mistaken, but it’s what you get when you don’t select any skin color for Sylvari. I checked and double-checked: none of the skin colors on the creation screen were highlighted. It seems that choosing nothing was the best choice of all for my purposes.

I’ve been doing whatever I want, which in this case means going for an extended stroll in Edge of the Mists and using Ventari’s tablet to heal all of my group members. It seems to be rather effective, particularly in engagements against enemy players. Tablet, go here and do these restorative things while I blast every field in sight with my two-handed hammer skills and my ranged autoattack plinks away at my target. Switch out to staff for mobility and melee heals as needed. Swap over to Jalis for a self-heal and defensive abilities when I’m taking damage. Tier 5 Ram Mastery to throw up Iron Hide on the group (50% damage taken) and start pounding away at doors the second our siege are built.

gw546 (2).jpg
I’m playing a healer in Guild Wars 2 and you can’t stop me.

It helps that WvW ranks now award chests which contain random Hero Point completion tokens, although purists probably still scoff at the use of EotM and WvW in the same context. Even so, I may decide to bench my Revenant and level her passively using Tomes of Knowledge as I have been doing for my other characters. I can’t be bothered to do much more active leveling for its own sake. I have no qualms about “hothousing” my characters in the open world until such time as they need to strike out into parts removed for this world boss or that resource node.

I do all of my completionism-type stuff on my Chronomancer, anyhow. She’s out map-completing Verdant Brink and idly exploring the endless staircases of the Exalted City in Auric Basin. I’m presuming you’ve read the existing blogging literature on Heart of Thorns by the Holy Trinity (Bhagpuss, Jeromai, Ravious). This storyteller has no stories to add. Maybe later. In the meantime, I have randoms to heal and inventories to mismanage. Happy trails.


4 thoughts on “Oops, I Tripped and Made a Sylvari Revenant

  1. My favourite Sylvari hairstyle! I used to have that one on mine, until I changed it because I got a Sylvari outfit that didn’t work well with it. That said, I *love* the outfit yours is wearing. Absolutely perfect!

    My Sylvari is a mesmer, still battling the way up to level cap.


    1. Mesmer is a tough one to get up to cap – hang in there and you’ll eventually succeed!

      Thank you for your kind words! The only issue I have with the Ancestral Outfit is that the neckline is way too low. Other than that, I am absolutely in love with my Sylvari’s looks.


  2. I actually got so far yesterday as to announce to Mrs Bhagpuss that I was going to use some of my large stack of Tomes of Knowledge to bring my Sylvari Mesmer up to 80 from level 43 where she’s been idling for a while. I then stood at the bank looking at the Tomes and, as usual, found myself literally unable (well, okay, LITERALLY, unwilling) to use them.

    It just feels so much like throwing away fun I can’t bring myself to do it. That said, I am not actually finding leveling the Mesmer to be much fun, which is why she’s still in the 40s. I think the underlying problem is playing a Mesmer…or possibly re-playing one, since I have a perfectly serviceable human Mesmer who just happens to be on the wrong account.


    1. You have my full sympathies when it comes to the difficulty of leveling up a Mesmer. Byx from Lock and Bolt recently got her Mesmer to 80 and I congratulated her on Twitter without particularly caring whether she had used Tomes of Knowledge or actually played through one of the game modes to do so. Mesmers, in my opinion, really begin to shine once they have everything unlocked – Chronomancer in particular.

      Sometimes it’s just more fun to think about the potential something provides. My young son would stare at Matchbox cars in their packaging for hours. Once the packaging was opened, the nature of the magic changed.

      Put another way:

      “Well,” said Pooh, “what I like best,” and then he had to stop and think. Because although Eating Honey was a very good thing to do, there was a moment just before you began to eat it which was better than when you were, but he didn’t know what it was called.


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