The Death of Innocence

It turns out that Guild Wars 2 is just another game I play, so I’ve decided to close the book on the site that started my blogging adventures. The Mystical Mesmer has been mothballed and its relevant content folded into this website. The GW2 fiction from that site is now found under the Guild Wars 2 link on the main page of this site. Any future fiction will go there as well and may be posted on the front page as part of a weekly or monthly batch depending on how often I decide to write. I may adopt the convention that some other bloggers use which involves including the name of the game somewhere in the title of each blog post. In terms of housekeeping, I’ve pruned the TMM posts from this site and curated the 40 or so LFG-specific posts to point to the appropriate blog as necessary, removing categories and updating tags to be more informative and representative.

TMM no longer exists in search engines and won’t show up in your feeds. None of your links should be broken unless they were pointing to pages rather than posts, which I doubt. Additionally, I no longer have a blogroll. I may at some point create a custom page which highlights meritorious blogs and gives reasons for lauding them; this may or may not coincide with an upgrade to my hosting package. Right now it’s free and the lack of sensible blogroll creation options reflects this.

What it comes down to is that I found that my most authentic writings were coming from a place in which I just talked as someone who plays several different games. Heaven knows there’s already a sufficiently rabid fanbase out there ready to micro-analyze the exquisite minutiae of every content update and Heart of Thorns beta weekend.

Well, then. I’ve now set you up for another post on TERA. I bet you can’t wait.


7 thoughts on “The Death of Innocence

  1. That must have been so much stuff to sort out! Hope it’s a relief and I’m looking forward to more posts here (although I will have to see about TERA, same sort of experience with that as Bhagpuss, but that should never stop you to write about whatever you want!). 🙂


    1. It took about an hour and a half to untwine the places where the two blogs were connected. Transferring the fiction over wasn’t much trouble at all and it’s due in part to the fact that WordPress is so easy to work with (at least from my experience). That’s one of the reasons I’m using it exclusively now.

      Don’t worry – my next post on TERA is going to be an addendum and rather brief. I have no plans to talk about it regularly or at length.


    1. Your post on TERA came up in a search when I was looking for class information. The next post will be rather short. It will also be the last one. There simply isn’t much there to talk about (which is quite obvious to anyone who isn’t part of TERA’s target demographic, however one may wish to describe it).


  2. Personally, I enjoy your writing style, sense of humor and honesty. It doesn’t matter if you talk about a specific game or a plethora. Your readerbase will remain, as they’re more here for you than the info/descriptions you provide (though your personality shines through regardless).


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