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Blaugust 2015, Day 31 – Don’t Dream It’s Over

It seems everyone is slowing down before the finish line. It’s supposed to be thirty-one days of blog posts! What’s that, you say? This is a blog post? Oh, well, then, I suppose technically a wrap-up post on the thirty-first day still counts. Might as well join the herd since this is a marathon in which the journey is the destination. Where have I heard that before?

I can’t say that I really learned anything this time ‘round. It’s the same pain as before only much easier because I cheated a whole bunch by using writing prompts until they ceased to interest me. All I had to do on my other blog was write fiction and chunk it up. In any case, if I were to do it again next year I’d feel compelled to do it on three blogs which is simply too much. It’s why we’re not having any more children in this house: first a son, then twin daughters…next up would be triplets which is simply not going to happen. So there you have it.

On reflection, I retract the first sentence of the above paragraph. It was not intended to be a factual statement. (Actual words from actual American politicians. Take notes, world at large.) I learned that writing a minimum word count each day gets novel chapter drafts created. It actually felt good to compartmentalize each day’s story events because I only had to think about generating that particular bit of the story. I’ve come to the conclusion that my style of writing is best referred to as “fragments of consciousness” (as opposed to stream of consciousness). I write about whatever’s being sensed in the moment and string together a series of such events like a row of pearls. Later on, details are filled in via research to the extent that they are necessary or relevant. The devil is in the details.

Eyes On Me
The devil you know has Eyes On Me.

I became acquainted with a plethora of word spam sources. You can see many of them in the blogroll I keep on The Mystical Mesmer. (I keep it there because default non-self-hosted WordPress is terrible at rolling blogs.) I chopped down my Twitter and bulked up my Feedly. I did a lot more skimming than I would have liked to. I may prune my internal reading list at some point without telling anyone so as not to turn any reverse frowns upside down. It happens, you know, just like not everyone wants to read libraries of Guild Wars 2 fiction and listen to me nerd out about the latest content update from ArenaNet that added 2 bugs and a feature.

I won’t be doing it again. It’s really not for me. Creation is borne of passion and my ardor comes crashing in like the ocean waves. I don’t have the energy to be making love to a dictionary every night of the week. Thanks to Belghast for sponsoring this year’s bout of temporary insanity. Best wishes to everyone who decides to do it again next year. I’m off to take a long nap.

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