Blaugust 2015, Day 28 – Heart of Miscellany

I’m going to write about random Guild Wars 2 news today because there are enough interesting things to fill up a short blog post about it. I prefer to write opinion pieces as opposed to pithy news aggregation squibs but I’ve got enough fiction to last the rest of the month at The Mystical Mesmer and I don’t want to interrupt it again. What follows should be fairly interesting even to those who do not play the game or actively follow it with the exception of perhaps the last news item. It’s fairly short, so feel free to skim away.

The biggest news with regard to Guild Wars 2 is that Heart of Thorns finally has a release date: October 23rd, 2015. I played enough of the beta to get a sense for what it’s going to be about thematically but didn’t go much further beyond that as I’d like to experience the majority of the content in its post-release state. I’ve already pre-purchased my copy and will be running around Chronomancing everything in sight. I can’t say that any of the other Elite specializations are attractive enough to me to get me to invest heavily in another profession; I’ll add them to the other toys in my play room.

Heart of Thorns Release Date

The next bit of news comes to us courtesy of a certain news source that shall not be directly named which supposedly leaked the major features of Saturday’s big announcement. It’s already all over reddit and has been picked up by Ravious and Bhagpuss as well (who found out about it in map chat) so I suppose the cat’s out of the bag: raids and some form of free-to-play. I’m not going to speculate on the particulars; I’ll leave that to more knowledgeable individuals.

Yak's Bend WvW T1

The final bit of news is that Yak’s Bend, those scrappy siege turtling underdogs, have managed to boot Blackgate out of T1 in World versus World and have moved up to the big time. Is there a 2v1 in the Yaks’ future? Will they be ultra-blobbed and mega-zerged back into T2 oblivion? It’s clear from the map queues across the board on reset night that there are many Yaks out there who are interested in influencing the answers to these questions. Even if I don’t manage to engage in Blob versus Blob action this weekend, it’ll be interesting to observe how things shake out.

Yak's Bend T1 Queues on Reset Night

Blaugust 2015 Initiative Page


4 thoughts on “Blaugust 2015, Day 28 – Heart of Miscellany

  1. This is the big one! We owe it all to our carpetbaggers. Looking forward to a week of actual competition for the time in what feels like forever. It’s so typical though – stasis and inertia for weeks and then everything happens at once.


    1. As it stands right now Blackgate is crushing FA/SoS and YB is 15k down although it’s currently winning the tick. Seems we’re stuck squarely in T1.5 for the time being.


  2. Map queue for TC is in the single digits to 20s. I briefly considered queuing for the novelty of a new fight, and then went “nah,” and went to eat a late breakfast instead. Maybe later. 😉


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