Mesmer in Dry Top

Blaugust 2015, Day 25 – In Medias Res

I jumped into Guild Wars 2 today to see what kinds of wings and Kasmeer staves they’re peddling during the Third Anniversary sale and it turns out they have all of those things on offer. I already have Miss Meade’s skritt-thumping stick, so I decided to drop some of the gems I had been saving for a day like today and equip myself with a pair of angel wings.

Mesmer with Wings in Dry Top

They’re the feathery white kind as opposed to the metal black skeletal appendages I have long been accustomed to seeing. A bit too feathery and bulky for my tastes, but they’re wings and we’re on track to giving Daybreak Games a run for their money. I believe back-wings are part of the standard issue uniform once you approach 4,000 achievement points, anyhow. Makes it easier for those naughty dungeon meta-speed-runners to weed out the unworthy.

This transaction left me sitting at 300 gems which is 700 short of the thousand required to purchase the latest outfit I have my eye on. I’m generally not interested in 95% of the style items in the gem store, but this one stood out immediately. I can’t tell you how badly I want to wade into a battlefield full of death and fire and blood wearing a white wedding dress and a pair of angel wings. It’s the aesthetic equivalent of jumping into WildStar and putting on a squid head, a bandolier-covered bright orange latex jumpsuit, and a pair of punk rock stilettos with 12-inch heels. Because I’m not authorized to spend any real money on the game, I now have a goal to work toward using in-game currency exclusively.

Wedding Dress and Angel Wings

Prior to being voluntold to re-share the remainder of the money I had squirreled away, I did manage to resubscribe to WildStar. I did some Whitevale questing yesterday on my level 20 Spellslinger with whom I am currently playing through the game at a rather modest pace. This involves jumping into every available dungeon, PvP battleground, and questing area at the appropriate level. I’m enjoying both healing and shooting; blasting away with dual pistols makes dealing damage a delight. Normally, I don’t much care for that role in group settings.

Earlier today, I logged on to my veteran adventure-geared level 50 Stalker and found myself in the Northern Wastes where I had been working on Elder Gem dailies. I was still in Black Dagger Society and still had a relatively full Neighbors list (people who come by and harvest your resource plots, thereby rendering a share unto your mailbox). Rather than fret about what to do next, I just did what was in front of me because it was there. I swapped to my PvE Tank loadout for a Prime that had killed me in my DPS setup and took it down without issue. I slowly absorbed the lore of the place as I completed daily-repeatable tasks. Understanding the nuances of the story – as wacky as it may be – via slow accretion catalyzes a subtle infusion of the game’s spirit into mine.

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8 thoughts on “Blaugust 2015, Day 25 – In Medias Res

  1. I neither can nor want to be your concience, but reading those two, i think you are threading on thin ice:

    “Because I’m not authorized to spend any real money on the game, I now have a goal to work toward using in-game currency exclusively.”

    “Prior to being voluntold to re-share the remainder of the money I had squirreled away, I did manage to resubscribe to WildStar.”

    On one hand, you not long ago wrote about the problems you have with your wife and excessive gaming and even post comments which sound like you plan to quit gaming alltogether. And now here, you write about how you plan to farm gold to buy gems to get the outfit. I am not the big GW2 veteran, but my experience from similar games tells me that your plan probably involves many hours of playing to get that gold.

    It’s your call to do or not to do that, but from your description of the situation i think you might want to reconsider this plan or at least make sure you go at a slow pace, not to heat up things there even more, for no good reason. (I mean, for some reason i also am right now in the “gaming budget takes a huge hit” situation, my motorbike broke down on monday. The repairs will probably dry up my “personal hobby found” for months to come, but at least i don’t have to hide my activities of my girl. )


    1. I’m working overtime every week now. The financial situation is looking up again but as we’re saving up for a very important life purchase, not spending money on games is of necessity an understandable priority.

      The comment about getting enough gems for the wedding dress reflects my tendency to say things I would very much like to do as if I were going to do them, were doing them, or had already done them. I am happy to report that my relationship with GW2 is almost entirely spiritual; pretty much everything in that game is meaningless to me. It holds no addictive or obsessive power over me. I can go months without playing because there’s no power to be gained. It’s that simple.

      I may at some point in the future have acquired enough gold to convert into the thousand gems needed, but it will most certainly not be the result of having farmed or done any grinding.


    1. Most backpacks in most MMOs suffer from one big issue: you still have your weapon, shield or whatever on your back and it is stuck right through your backpack. That looks so extreeeemely ugly that i don’t use those backpacks.

      Next to that, GW2 is for backpacks what Rift is for helmets: no other game can compete on how ugly they are. I mean, some backpacks even look like i simply took a wardrobe and straped it to my back… yuck! But of course, tastes differ. 🙂

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  2. Mrs Bhagpuss had the credit card out (mine as it happens) for that dress within five minutes of seeing it. Apparently it’s badly glitched on a sylvari but not so badly she isn’t wearing it. Ecto prices are through the floor and gold/gem rates are through the roof so I guess these anniversary sales are working.

    All wings in GW2 are bloody awful. There is no excuse for them. They are a pestilence on the game, a visual blight. Anet have become obsessed with backslot items, presumably because they sell, but they seem to be incapable of designing ones that either look good or function well. Rightfully it’s other players who should be able to block that slot from being displayed not the ones who use it.

    I actually don’t have backslot items displayed on most of my characters because in 3rd person view it’s my own back I spend most of my time looking at and there’s very little I could stand seeing for more than a minute or two. There’s a post in here somewhere that I might get around to some day.


    1. I knew I wanted the wings as part of a costume wardrobe. You should be happy in about three years from now when they transfer the sPvP all-character-models-are-the-same technology over to the other game modes.

      There’s a certain je-ne-sais-quoi that that particular wedding dress possesses that attracts credit cards. Can’t quite put my finger on it.


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