Blaugust 2015, Day 23 – Deleting the Past

I resubscribed to World of Warcraft yesterday under the notion that I was going to level up some characters again. It quickly spiraled into a desire to burn it all down with fire. You may recall that I had once sent a formal letter to Blizzard requesting deletion of my account. This was done at a time when I was playing the game excessively and it was affecting my socialization, domestic life, and mental health. This was approximately two months after I had made the decision to permanently abstain from alcohol. At the time, I was still recovering from the effects of the mental grog fog that tends to linger for up to a year.

I’m happy to report that the mental fog has long since lifted; however, the tendrils of World of Warcraft run far deeper than I had imagined. I have therefore submitted a support ticket in which I quoted the form letter I had sent via postal mail in January of last year. I also mentioned that I had, at that time, provided identifying documentation and proof of account ownership. I thus asked the Blizzard support team if they would be so kind as to actually delete my account as I had originally asked them to over a year and a half ago. For reference, the letter:

<my address>
<address of the Privacy Policy Administrator>

January 27, 2014

Dear Privacy Policy Administrator,

I am writing this letter to formally request the permanent deletion of the account with the following information:

Account Name: <account name>
Full Name Registered on the Account: <full name>
Full Address: <full address>
Secret Question: <secret question>
Secret Answer: <secret answer>
Government-issued Photo Identification: See enclosed document.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

<real name>

I fully expect them to ignore this ticket as they did my letter. A few possible responses come to mind:

  1. They ask me to resubmit documentation.
  2. They thank me for contacting them and tell me why they can’t process my request.
  3. They send me a canned response on the topic of life balance and gaming habits.

I’m sure there are others.

The continued play of this game is the primary factor in recurring irritability bordering on insanity. It’s the historical pairing with alcohol that gives it the most incisive back-claws.

It doesn’t help, of course, that Nostalrius will probably be opening a PvE server for classic World of Warcraft in the coming weeks. Probably. Being corpse-camped by level 60s for hours on end on an overpopulated, top-heavy PvP server was the only obstacle to creating a stable of Alliance characters in a pristine, rudimentary world that captures the charm of yesteryear with all the potency of a gallon of bathtub gin.

So, we’re back to square one having done a different dance to get there this time. Carry on with your normal, sensible gaming lives.

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