Blaugust 2015, Day 20 – MMO Regrets

I guess it’s fitting that my greatest MMO regrets come from the game I invested most of my time and heart in. What saddens or bugs you looking back on your time in virtual worlds and communities? – Syl at MMO Gypsy

Like Syl, I regret returning to World of Warcraft during Cataclysm. I’ve talked about it before. Hillsbrad became something unrecognizable. Stranglethorn Vale, my favorite zone, was broken into two and the elite hunting quests were downgraded. The entirety of one’s existence revolved around a giant dragon that randomly set things on fire. Wintergrasp was trivialized, but such is life when an expansion hits.

I regret having spent so much time on World of Warcraft in general rather than striking out and doing new things like Murf suggests. Trying games because they are there. Spending time exploring new, growth-positive gaming endeavors rather than continually returning to old haunts and servers for previous expansions of old favorites.

I regret not having spent a lot more time in Guild Wars 2 and WildStar and compartmentalizing my experiences within those games a bit more. Had I made the decision to split off into two blogs earlier, I would have been more thematically consistent.

I regret having pushed myself beyond burnout and sanity in Final Fantasy 14. It made for some good blog posts, though.

I regret not having learned from history, just as I regret not having learned from the adage with regard to repetition and insanity.

I wish I had learned to use fiction-writing as a form of therapy earlier. I suppose that’s not a regret – just an idle reflection.

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2 thoughts on “Blaugust 2015, Day 20 – MMO Regrets

  1. Well, there’s nothing wrong with playing only one game. Despite the community’s focus on the game’s more hardcore elements, World of Warcraft has a fantastic world to explore from differing perspectives. You could be like Missy and take long photo tours! There’s a lot to see, even when you’ve seen it all before.

    That said, if you get into a routine and the game feels routine, then it is probably time to shake it up.

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    1. I’m not playing only one game; I’m lamenting the fact that I haven’t gotten over worshipping WoW as comfort food and returning to it FAR too often in various forms.

      The only way I know how to deal with this is to kill it with fire. Problem is, it has a history of popping back up again and I’d rather just break out of that cycle altogether. Analogy: when I wanted to stop drinking I didn’t drive to the liquor store and smash up all the bottles. I just stopped buying booze. Same with old games: instead of the uninstall/install dance (which never works), just stop playing them and do other things.

      Easier said than done, though.

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