Blaugust 2015, Day 19 – Preferred Gaming Platform

What is your preferred gaming platform? Are you a multi-platform gamer or do you stick to one platform all the time? What is it about that gaming platform that you like? – Void at A Green Mushroom

My preferred and exclusive gaming platform is PC. When I was a child and young adult, I played on consoles exclusively. It wasn’t until my early twenties when I was able to afford non-toasters that I started playing on my computer far more than on consoles. Role-playing games such as the Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy series were replaced with EverQuest and the like. I eventually sold all of my old systems on eBay. Perhaps the historical turning point was the day the local video game shop I regularly frequented went out of business. I bought and rented from them quite a bit. When they closed their doors, they took the $60 I had given them for a Dragon Warrior IV pre-order with them. Nowadays, I have emulators for pretty much every system on my PC. I probably have a good 20-30 savestates for DW4 in my NES directory. Love that game.

What I like about playing on a PC is the tactility and immediacy of communication. Playing with a controller and having to use a separate keyboard to communicate (or in-game typing tools with a controller) feels like a pale imitation of the real thing. I’d say things like this – or others would – in our conversations with a co-worker who was a diehard and very skilled console player. We went through the usual back-and-forth, sometimes bitterly, sometimes rationally, until we got to the point where we had worked together long enough that we simply agreed to disagree about certain things. Console versus PC was one of them.

These days, that dialectic is not a thing in my mind. It doesn’t exist. There are people out there who play console FPS games with their controller sensitivity settings on ultra and do just fine. I prefer to use a mouse and a keyboard to control my avatars and interact with the world. Laterally mousing my way through corridors is as natural to me as stick-thumbing your way through them is to you. It’ll probably be that way for the rest of my gaming life.

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4 thoughts on “Blaugust 2015, Day 19 – Preferred Gaming Platform

  1. It’s amazing how much just being used to something can affect your enjoyment of a game on PC vs. console. I’ve always played games on both PC and console. I generally prefer console though some genres like isometric RPGs, which are a favourite of mine, I much prefer on PC. However, despite playing PC games my whole life (and WoW for 9 years), keyboard and mouse still feels really awkward to me for most other genres of games. I tend to use a 360 controller on PC any time the option is available.


    1. I suppose if I were to try a controller again on various types of games I might change my opinion of things. I think it has to do with my Quantic Foundry stats: I am very much about excitement which ties into tactility. I’ve found that the mouse and keyboard are the most direct and thoughtless conduit between my will to do something and effecting it on screen. This includes console emulators on my PC.

      I’ll have to try using a controller again some time. There’s probably something I’m missing out on and I won’t know it until I tap into it.


  2. For me the decission for the PC is a very different one: economical considerations.

    In old times, consoles had two big advantages, the hardware was cheaper than a PC of similar performance and you had no compatibility issues. But even at that time, the financial advantage only existed as long as you had a very small library of games. After all, the console producers make their money not from the hardware but from the games. So in old times, consoles were more cost efficient for a very casual gamer while being expencive for everybody else.

    By now the price advantages of the consoles is gone, the hardware used in the lastest generation of consoles can be bought for less than the consoles are sold for while the games still cost the same. So no matter of your gaming profile, you’ll get more for your money on the PC.

    On the controler: different control options are better for different games. Some games, e.g. racing games, play better on a console controler while for an FPS or RTS keyboard and mouse are the optimal choice.


    1. I had a small library of games when I was a child. We lived in government-subsidized housing. A console was a birthday present that required savings. Games were birthday presents – real rarities. The amount one would have to spend on a computer back then was incomprehensible.

      Nowadays I have better games on my iPhone. 🙂


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