Blaugust 2015, Day 17 – Gaming Motivation Profile

I recently took the Gamer Motivation Profile offered by Quantic Foundry. It measures your motivations for playing games in six different areas. My results were not surprising. I’ll Hemingway-talk about each one. First, an overview:

Quantic Foundry Summary

My motivation stat priority is as follows: Action > Immersion > Creativity > Mastery > Social > Achievement.

Quantic Action

I want a high level of excitement in the games I play. I enjoy tanking because it gets my blood pumping and puts me in charge of a group. I enjoy healing that pushes me to my limits. I want the thrill of facing foes that require masterful play the absence of which results in death. I like blowing stuff up in general. I’m a scaredy-cat who loves PvP. More below.

Quantic Mastery

Nintendo hard that prioritizes skillful adjustments over repetition and brute force. Action combat focus that requires a high level of skill at the top tiers. I’m a weakling for not enjoying methodical preparations that don’t involve Final Fantasy-era practices of over-leveling and power-gearing for upcoming areas and enemies.

Quantic Achievement

Completion is neglected because attending to it taps into mental illness. I am happier and healthier when completionism doesn’t exist. I’m meeting power halfway: I like having it as long as it’s not the King of Everything.

Quantic Social

I have a long history of PvPing, when I can be bothered to remember it. It’s the only part of gaming that I still fear. I am averse to being dominated by skilled players. I have to actively kick my own ass into gear to get into PvP matches these days. Hence, the halfway point. It would be further to the right if I could get over my fear of losing and embrace the dynamism offered by player versus player conflict. Deep down, I believe it to be the most emergent form of gameplay. I’m scared, though, so I’ve been subconsciously supplanting it with the less visceral rush of role prominence and deep/complex class mechanics over the last half decade.

I’m anti-social and care little about other players most of the time. I Play Alone Together.

Quantic Immersion

Fantasy is god. The best game worlds are the ones I can inhabit in my head when I’m not playing. A good story is appreciated; if I like your game but your storytelling blows I’ll either write my own or ignore your lore.

Quantic Creativity

Discovery is second-hand, along-the-way, do this while doing other things. I go looking for things when I’m curious which isn’t terribly often unless I spot something shiny. I’m surprised I didn’t score higher on Design: if I can’t have “me,” I don’t play. My character creation aesthetics are unforgivingly rigid.

If you’re interested in seeing what Quantic Foundry thinks your motivations for gaming are, feel free to take the survey here.

Blaugust 2015 Initiative Page


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