Blaugust 2015, Day 16 – Recommend Three Blogs

What are your top three blogs that you would recommend to others? – Void at A Green Mushroom

Void refers to them as “top” blogs. I’m referring to them as worthy of reading. I’ve purposely selected sources that aren’t what you would call high-profile in order to avoid engaging in another round of echo chamber roulette. Forthwith, the blogs:

Digital Initiative – Tamrielo
Tam talks through fascinating subjects in a way that consistently hooks into the experiences of other human beings such as myself. I don’t understand why his posts aren’t generating more comments.

Mama Needs Mana – Neri
I have a weakness for interesting blogs written by busy parents. Anyone who can raise children and write on a regular basis has my respect and admiration. This includes Neri. Come for the visuals, stay for the beer and Hearthstone.

Null Signifier – The Duke of O
The Duke of O is a fellow word art patron and an accredited Professor of Gankology. His publishing schedule is divine: whenever the mood strikes. He is the blogging equivalent of a highly skilled, top-level shoutcaster whose thoughtful, nuanced commentary gets you addicted to reading about and watching videos of games you don’t play. I have a no-skim policy when it comes to The Duke and for good reason.

Update: I have corrected the writing prompt to use the full text and have correctly attributed the prompt’s author. Previously, I had attributed the prompt to Syl rather than Void. My apologies.

Blaugust 2015 Initiative Page


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