Blaugust 2015, Day 13 – Death by a Thousand Questions

Today’s writing prompt is brought to you by Ariellalphabet of Comics and Cookies.

I got tagged in a Liebster Award dealie recently, and tagged all of you guys. Here are the questions I came up with:

Ariellalphabet has mass-liebstered everyone participating in Blaugust. I seem to remember having already done several rounds of this, but I don’t want to miss this opportunity to point you to her blog, Comics and Cookies. You may find that you prefer perusing her musings to death by a thousand chain letter paper cuts if you’re not terribly interested in reading another round of responses to questions.

1.) Favourite console?

NES. There’s something hip(ster) and retro about enjoying the creations brought into being using the constraints of that now-ancient console. I remember spending hours graphing out Super Mario Brothers levels in elementary school. Dragon Warriors 3 and 4 remain my most nostalgia-infused favorites of all time.

2.) If you could live in a video game universe, what would it be and why?

Tyria. It’s beautiful, compelling, and richly documented. There’s room for non-trivial, non-munchkinized, non-Mary Sue interactions between races and factions provided you come up with some of them yourself. Also, Mesmers.

3.) When you’re not gaming, what else do you do?

I do the laundry, change diapers, clean up spilled juice off the floor/carpet, vacuum, dust, do the dishes, pick up fallen branches and take them to the compost site, mow the lawn, brush the driveway clean, bathe my children, feed them (sometimes takes 1-2 hours to feed a pair of rambunctious four year-olds), pick up and organize toys that are going to be scattered in five minutes anyways, and work anywhere from 2.5 to 12+ hours per day. I play games when I have legitimate free time, which nowadays is scarce.

4.) What’s your perfect day?

I run/walk for an hour and a half, spend a couple hours playing with the kids who don’t scream at each other or beat the crap out of each other, and then they watch movies and play on their iPads the rest of the day while I game. They also eat their food in less than an hour and without me chasing them around the house trying to stuff it in their mouths.

5.) What was the first game you ever played?

Pong. I played on the original system some time in the early 80s. Better late than never.

6.) What was the weirdest game you ever played?

Some unbeatable kung fu game for the NES that was ridiculously difficult for a ten-year-old such as myself. I can’t recall the name of it but I’ve seen a TAS (tool-assisted speedrun) somewhere on the interwebs. Have a look at the TASvideos collection of top-ranked NES speedruns and see if you can find it for me.

7.) Who’s your favourite bad guy (in anything – TV, film, games, comics etc) and why?

Al Pacino. I shouldn’t have to explain this.

8.) Good or evil?

Good unless I’m pissed off.

9.) What’s your most prized possession?

I care little for possessions.

10.) Healer, tank, or DPS?

Support roles specifically designed as such.

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