Blaugust 2015, Day 11 – When I Game

When do you play MMOs? – Syp at Bio Break

I play MMOs in the evenings after everything is said and done, sometimes. Most of the time I end up binging on the weekends. I have three children and other responsibilities that come before everything else. Work has been ramping up lately, so I’ve had fewer free time during the day in which to sneak gaming sessions. Previously, this was one of my serious vices: I would shirk cleaning and child care responsibilities to engage in long gaming sessions which were fueled by my addictive tendencies. Yes, there’s that word again – it’s games like Final Fantasy 14 and other shiny-chasing life grinders that usually prompt this type of behavior.

Since The Ultimatum, I’ve been slowly changing my behavior for the better. It happens in cycles; sometimes, the time I would have spent playing MMOs during the day is instead now spent on Twitter or Reddit or Feedly or reading news. Otherwise I’m cleaning the house – as I did pretty much all day yesterday – and doing other things such as mowing the lawn, picking up sticks and hauling them to the compost site, doing dishes, doing laundry, vacuuming, playing with the kids (still working on improving this one), scrubbing the kitchen floor, feeding the kids, bathing them, and putting them to bed. When you have children, there are always non-MMO things that need to be done, and I’m getting more of them done now.

I’m also exercising again. I’ve been alternating between running and walking on consecutive days. Today’s a break day, for example, to give my joints a rest. It’s also very likely an MMO break day since I usually don’t have much time at the end of a “well-behaved” day to do any gaming: I get up at 2:45am or 3:45am for work depending on the day which means I need to be in bed nice and early. School’s out for the summer and the girls have decided that going to sleep late is a thing which sometimes means they keep me up until 10pm. So, when I get home from work in the morning, I hammer out my run or go for a brisk walk, come back, eat, shower, give the kids breakfast, and then steal a nap. There’s not much room for MMOs in there right now.

After a little over two months I’m moving up from part-time status to full-time status. I drive buses for a living; around here, drivers are always in short supply. From what I’m hearing, I may be working up to 12 hours a day. I enjoy the mechanics of driving largish vehicles for some reason, I don’t have to talk to other people too much, and it’s primarily a solo endeavor. In other words, it’s perfect for someone like me. I have no problem with long hours in that context. It’ll keep my vices (too much MMO playing) in check and encourage some healthier behaviors. I’m pretty much at my target weight right now (having lost five pounds – I’m already pretty skinny) so I’m just in maintenance mode when it comes to weight, healthy eating, and healthy game playing.

My MMO schedule is located mostly on the weekend section of the calendar now; how many hours I clock is usually a function of how late I choose to stay up. If I’m tired, I may log two hours; if I stay up to the wee hours of the morning – which nowadays is exceptional as opposed to being commonplace in the past, especially when I drank – I may get in anywhere from four to six hours on Saturday. Sunday is usually a day of rest, as well, so I find myself jumping in for an hour here or there randomly throughout the day. All of this is a radical change from the past in which I was trying to play games like I was still in college despite the fact that am now a Full Time Adult. As much as I don’t like “adulting” as a vocation, it’s high time I started doing it to the best of my ability. Upshot: less gaming, mostly on weekends.

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5 thoughts on “Blaugust 2015, Day 11 – When I Game

  1. Congrats on things getting better. Now with this posting you make me feel like a terrible addict, i definitely clock more gaming time per week than you do. 🙂


      1. Hehe… and in turn i can look back how much gaming time i had when i still was studying and single. Sometimes a switch would be nice, so i could go back to those times for just one or two days, once every few months. But all in all, i am not complaining, i feel that things are allright here. At least i still have some gaming time and since my girl makes it very clear that she doesn’t indent to have kids any time soon, i guess i’ll still for quite a while stay in the spot of being able to squeeze in several (10 to 15) hours of gaming every week.

        So as long as the price of more gaming time is being single and/or returning to my financial situation during my universtiy time, i rather keep my current situation. 🙂


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