Blaugust 2015, Day 2 – How I Prefer to Communicate

Many bloggers communicate with our readers more through social media than through the comments on our actual blog these days. What is your favorite way to communicate with your readers? – Void

My favorite way to communicate with the people who read my blog is by blogging. I am appreciative of everyone who visits this blog on a regular basis; I assume that they do so because they enjoy reading what I write more often than they do not. I hesitate to aggregate them, then, as “readers” because that sounds a bit impersonal and stand-offish to me. If I were running my blog as some sort of business and trying to sell something, then perhaps things would be different, but as it stands, I do this because I truly enjoy doing it – one could say that I do, indeed, love it – and that this is reflected in the fact that I strongly prefer to communicate with people who read my blog(s) via the actual blog posts and in subsequent comments.

I am active on Twitter and passive on Anook. I use Twitter primarily as a means of communicating with people as human beings about things that I think are interesting or humorous. I have learned to restrain myself over time as my rather juvenile sense of humor is at times more obnoxious than hilarious; this usually results in a Tweet that is deleted a couple of minutes later. Twitter doesn’t have editing capabilities like blogging platforms do and severely limits the length of one’s message, so I tend to emphasize levity over gravity and humanness over being a human who plays games when using Twitter.

I’m on the fence as to whether I want to continue to publicize my daily posts on Twitter because that feels spammy to me; my Tweet history is made up entirely of things that I’ve said that hold up under scrutiny and that I do not feel embarrassed about having said. I’m already satisfying the requirements of the Blaugust Challenge by cross-posting to Anook which is a bit of a chore. Doing it again on Twitter makes it feel mechanical to me which is the polar opposite of the authenticity and emotion that permeate my writing. I understand why Jeromai hates Twitter – I’m following just over a hundred people and I have enough trouble trying to keep with my timeline in the context of sifting through cat pictures and ceaseless retweet barrages to find things that I’m interested in. (For the record, I’ve retweeted cat pictures.) It’s a mechanical process that places additional demands on my time; these demands tend to take time away from living my life.

If something’s going to be taking time away from my life, I’d strongly prefer that that something is a thing that I love doing. I love being able to spend hours writing and editing a blog post. I love being completely satisfied with my work. I’ve learned to love doing this even if it means I’m only publishing one or two posts per month. That’s where the people who read my blog get my most heartfelt self, and that’s why I prefer to communicate with others in the context of the “long-hand” written word over any other medium.

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8 thoughts on “Blaugust 2015, Day 2 – How I Prefer to Communicate

  1. I like commenting on blogs, those times I have something to say. Or I just like the post i dont like commenting them on twitter and id rather have ppl commenting on my blog rather then twitter. I do share posts there though as thats where most my traffic comes from.


    1. I do as well. Twitter is a nice fallback in those cases where I like something but don’t feel that I have anything substantive to say about it – I’ll just tap that little star in those cases. Publicizing on Twitter is quite effective – there have been times where I’ve clicked on a linked article in a Tweet even though I have the author in Feedly.

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    1. Telling me that you liked the post in a comment is just as good as a button click as far as I’m concerned. I don’t use Facebook, either. One of these days I’ll look into the features that free WordPress has to offer beyond displaying text and images in public places.


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