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Creative Blogging

Murf says I’m a creative blogger. Thanks, Murf. I agree. I’m forgoing faux humility and simply acknowledging Murf’s acknowledgement of my creative tendencies. I’ve been blogging for nearly a year now; during that time I’ve gone from breathy pop culture reference machine to feature cataloguer to purveyor of wistful reminiscences. I’ve settled on a relaxed, pensive, authentic voice and online representation. I publish at my leisure, when it’s ready. I find blogging to be an excellent choice for those of the pen who are inclined to use the “long form” as a means of expression and communication.

If you are like me in this regard – in other words, someone who would like to try their hand at keeping a public journal of their thoughts and experiences, I would recommend that you check out the Newbie Blogger Initiative 2015. Click the preceding link to be taken to the 2015 NBI’s kick-off page where you’ll receive instructions on how to sign up as a Newbie Blogger. This will put you in touch with numerous experienced and inexperienced bloggers who will be there to support your endeavors every step of the way. You’ll get signal boost from well-established sites, making what you’ve written visible to a large number of people. You’ll also get feedback on what you’ve written, support from blogging compatriots who have gone through what you’re going through (or will be going through) – heck, you might even land yourself a blogging mentor if you request one.

Newbie Blogger Initiative Logo

If this sounds interesting to you, don’t be shy! Jump right on in. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an established writer in another field or a first-timer. Everyone is welcome to join the fun and nobody is going to criticize you for having an off day. In fact, one of the mottos at the NBI is that “you have permission to suck.”

And with that said, I’m going to suck it up by responding to Murf’s catcall. The Creative Blogger Award asks you to link and thank the person who nominated you, state five facts about yourself, and then nominate 15-20 other bloggers for the award to whom you pass on the rules. I don’t know who came up with those numbers. They are far too large. I’m dividing them by 10 and going with the lower end of the range. Yes, I’m nominating 1.5 people for this “award.” You’ll see what I mean after the facts:

  1. I possess multiple advanced degrees but am currently driving buses for a living and enjoying it. Go figure.
  2. I have been sober for 16 months and counting after having been a hardcore alcoholic for 15 years.
  3. I am the oldest of three siblings. I have two younger, non-twin sisters. My son is the oldest of three siblings. He has two younger, identical twin sisters.
  4. I have wanted to quit blogging approximately 15-20 times but have managed to think it through rationally each time and have come to the conclusion that writing and being involved in a community of writers is something that I really enjoy.
  5. I’ve come to the conclusion that I play a Mesmer in Guild Wars 2 as my main character because purple is my favorite color. I am completely serious.

Staff Mesmer with Purple Energy

So, back to creative blogging: I’m nominating one person and non-nominating one person, which according to my math works out to be 1.5 people. The person I am actually nominating is Fiona Dunn whose blog, North East Nerd, talks about “literally everything.” I enjoy gaming blogs as much as the next person, but there’s something to be said about someone like Fiona who offers up splendiferous ruminations on the wide variety of creatively interesting things that people who are alive like to do. Go read it!

I am absolutely not, under any circumstances, nominating Jeromai who despises chain letters and things that resemble chain letters. However, there is the matter of regular, infectious creativity that cannot be overlooked and thus warrants a mention. I’m not going to link anything here as that would invite irritated growling with a pair of bared fangs attached to it, so I’ll leave it to you to type “Why I Game” into a search engine and see whether you come out of it with your hide intact. In the meantime I’ll be sitting here with an impish grin on my face imagining you rustling through the archives trying to find examples of pictographic poetry, interactive fiction, and perhaps even a tribute video to a game that is no longer with us; I’ll also be imagining Jeromai grinning wryly as you spend hours trying to find them.


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